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Tokiwa Action Parts

Brooks LTD carries a wide selection of Tokiwa Grand and Upright Action Parts, along with custom services for shanks & flanges and wippens. If you don't see what you are looking for, call us!

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Tokiwa Action Parts

Shanks & Flanges 

A variety of models to fit most pianos



Steinway and Mason & Hamlin type, as well as two fully customizable, universal-type wippens to match most grand pianos

Back Action Kits 

For Steinway and Mason & Hamlin



Steinway and Regular type with or without wires




Grand & Upright Damper Felt Kits 


Upright Butts 

Five models, including Steinway type with double flanges, are available to fit most pianos

Ask about our full assembly service!


Upright Damper Levers 

Steinway and standard upright types


Upright Wippens 

Steinway, Dowel Capstan, and Sticker types

Ask about our sticker assembly service!

For additional items, please call, or view our CATALOG.

Ordering & Support

Email, or call us toll free (800) 326-2440 at any time to place your order. For technical support, and to speak with our staff, please call between 8:30am and 3:30pm EST, Monday – Friday.

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