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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to send samples for Hammer Duplication or Prehang Services?

A: Samples are always best for all services. If samples are not available, we can discuss necessary measurements or utilize our library of available specifications.

Q: What samples do I need to send?

A: First and last of each section, the last angled hammer if not at a section break, and (grands only) a note near A440 (for weight) and note #71 (if we are prehanging your set). PLEASE keep the hammers attached to the shanks.

Q: Can you match my wippens?

A: We carry several standard models of replacement wippens, including two Universal wippen bodies with a variety of heels and flanges, as well as access to the complete line of WNG product. If you send us a sample, we will consult with you for the best parts selection and discuss any regulation adjustments needed.

Q: Can you Prehang Upright hammers?

A: YES WE CAN! Along with upright boring, tapering and shanking services, we now provide a full assembly service into new upright butts. Samples are required and this service may or may not be appropriate for your project. Speak to a technician for details and to determine if this service is right for you.

Q: Do you service parts from other suppliers?

A: YES WE WILL! Brooks LTD will provide all of our services on other companies’ product. Call us for more information, assistance in sourcing your preferred product and for pricing.

Q: Can you Prehang hammers on Wessell, Nickel and Gross (WNG) parts?

A: YES WE CAN! We carry WNG shanks and flanges and are experienced prehanging hammers on these parts using WNG specified glue.

Q: How do you handle hammer weight and touchweight concerns?

A: Our philosophy is to restore your instrument as closely to original dimensions as possible. We work directly with you to optimize weight control and playability by selecting hammers, shanks and flanges to best suit your project. If touchweight or geometry is a concern for your instrument or you would like to alter the touchweight, we will assist you in customizing the weight of the replacement hammers and consider knuckle placement for best results.


Q: What is your typical turnaround time?

A: Our standard turnaround time for orders requiring services is four business days from the arrival and review of your samples. If additional information is required or parts needed to complete your project are not in-house, that time may increase. In-stock product not requiring service, including Dampp-Chaser Products and Piano Life Saver Systems, are shipped same day if ordered by 2pm Mon-Fri EST.

Q: What is your standard shipping method?

A: We ship via UPS within the Continental US with three day delivery. Alaska and Hawaii two day delivery and US Mail Priorty Express for Canadian orders. Smaller items may ship by USPS Priority mail. Expedited shipping is alway available - please call for costs.

Q: How do I receive free shipping on prepaid action part orders?

A: Return shipment for action part orders prepaid by check, money order or Zelleⓡ, are shipped via UPS Ground complimentary within the Continental US. Unfortunately, due to credit card processing fees, the prepay option is only available with payment by check, money order or Zelleⓡ.


Q: Is there a quantity discount for Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems?

A: THERE IS! If you purchase three or more systems you will receive a 5% discount on each system cost. We will also ship them bound together as one package saving you a significant amount in shipping costs. Additional quantity discounts can be found by requesting the DC Technician Pricelist.

Q: What if I don’t see what I need in the catalog?

A: Can’t find what you are looking for? Call us! We will help source the product needed to complete your project.

Q: Why don’t my hammer numbers match?

A: The numbers on the sides of the hammers are for factory use only. Please count off the number of bass and treble needed and number accordingly. Spare hammers are included in your set at section ends and are marked with an X.

Q: How do I place a Bolduc Soundboard order?

A: Bolduc Soundboard orders are placed directly with us. You will receive a Sales Order with all the costs and payment terms to confirm your order. Turnaround times are typically 4-6 weeks.

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