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We’re here to make your work easier!

Project Analysis

Brooks LTD specializes in products and services that make your restoration more efficient. Our expert staff will help you select the best parts for your project, analyze, customize, and even help troubleshoot installation challenges.


Weight Analysis & Duplication

Brooks LTD's philosophy is to restore your instrument as close to original dimensions as possible. We work directly with you to optimize weight control and playability by selecting hammers, shanks and flanges to best suit your project. If touchweight or geometry is a concern for your instrument, we will assist you in customizing replacement hammers and knuckle placement for best results.


Prehung Hammers

Brooks LTD provides custom hammer selection and service consultation with each project we receive. Samples are always best to determine the correct hammer size and weight for your project. Please include the first and last hammer shank assembly from each section.

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