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Abel ENCOREʷᵇ Action Parts


"The Technicians Choice"

ENCOREᵂᵇ Action Parts are a specifically designed selection of Hammers, Shanks & Flanges and Wippens manufactured to Brooks LTD's strictest specifications by Abel Hammer Company.

ENCOREᵂᵇ Replacement Action Parts

ENCOREᵂᵇ replacement Action Parts include Classic and Natural felt hammers, maple shanks and flanges designed and produced to the closest possible engineering dimensions for most grand pianos, and wippens for Steinway grand pianos. ENCOREᵂᵇ products are manufactured using the highest quality materials, exceptional woodworking and consistent hand-pinning.


What is Natural Felt?

ENCOREᵂᵇ Natural Felt hammers are designed for consistent and immediate tone and require little voicing. Easily voiced up or down, they react quickly to normal filing, needling, and the use of light chemicals to bring them to their optimum performance. ENCOREᵂᵇ Natural Felt hammers are available for Grand and Upright pianos, in several models and dimensions to meet the specific needs of each instrument and performance situation.


Natural Felt was developed in 2006 using high-quality merino wool and eco-friendly cleaning methods in contrast to standard modern felt manufacturing which uses a series of acid baths called carbonization to remove foreign matter to produce a clean white look to the felt. The changes made in the felt process maintain more of the natural wool color, and original lanolin and oils, proven to increase resilience in the felt, producing a very desirable hammer tone and ease of voicing.

Shanks & Flanges

ENCOREᵂᵇ shanks are made with exceptional Bolduc maple, the finest bushing cloth, authentic buckskin knuckle and hornbeam flanges; hand-bushed and pinned. Brooks LTD stocks more than two dozen models of shanks & flanges in a variety of styles, widths and sizes to allow the closest match to existing parts or to aid in controlling keyweight and touch. This includes six Steinway type models and five dimensions of unbored flanges for custom duplication of non-standard parts.


ENCOREᵂᵇ Steinway Type Wippens by The Abel Hammer Company are manufactured of exceptional Bolduc maple, finest bushing cloth, and hornbeam flanges; hand-bushed and pinned.

  • Original Weight

  • Original Dimensions

  • Butterfly Spring

  • Hand Pinned

  • Angled Heel

Steinway Hamburg Type wippens with straight heel also available

Ordering & Support

Email, or call us toll free (800) 326-2440 at any time to place your order. For technical support, and to speak with our staff, please call between 8:30am and 3:30pm EST, Monday – Friday.

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