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Our Team

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Melanie Brooks


Melanie our owner is the eldest daughter of our founders Wally and Vivian. Born to piano technicians, she was raised in a rebuilding shop and by default involved with Brooks LTD since its inception in 1979. She obtained a degree in Economics and Business and worked in the corporate world in the US and abroad for 10 years before joining Brooks LTD.

Formally joining Brooks LTD as an employee in 1995, she has worked in all aspects of our business. Beginning in customer service and technical support, she soon moved into the production department for a more thorough understanding of the business. She took on the role of General Manager in 2002, purchasing the business from Wally and Vivian in 2009 to focus her energy on the executive branch of the business. Melanie still maintains a daily hands-on approach with her staff and customers, successfully carrying the philosophy of the business into its second generation.

A third-generation PTG member, she actively participates in the Guild on the local and national level; contributing her time and talent as Institute Director at the Annual Convention; Director of the CT NEECSO, Members Rights Committee, CT Newsletter Editor, President on the PTG Foundation Board. She has been awarded the Crowl-Travis Member of Note Award; the CT Chapter Technician of the Year and teaching numerous convention classes in the USA and abroad.

On her own time, Melanie enjoys her family and activities such as kayaking, sailing, skiing, and hiking. It is her commitment to collaborating with technicians and rebuilders to create, service, and restore instruments with innovative and specialized products that makes her the heart of Brooks LTD.


John Gallen

Production Manager

John joined Brooks LTD in 1996.  Starting in the piano business just out of high school in Charleston SC, John has been around pianos his entire adult life. 


The focus in our shop is to provide professional consultation and consistent services to our technicians.  As a company, we have worked tirelessly to increase the quality of our service results.  John’s understanding of touch-weight in the piano has brought our services to a new level for the technician. His ability to articulate, calculate and execute control of the weight of replacement piano hammers has increased the quality of our end product.  Your action re-builds will prove the result.


John is active in the Piano Technicians Guild and is the Treasurer of the Master Piano Technicians.  He teaches related business classes as well as directing at regional and nationwide events.  He will be the Institute Director for 2024 in Reno, NV.


Outside of Brooks LTD, John has owned his own company, Vintage Piano and Repair, since 1988.  This company now focuses on piano moving services, and tax preparation for piano technicians and other self-employed tax payers.  To balance out his work life, John enjoys spending time with his wife Heidi, ten children and six grandchildren.  He is also an elder and the treasurer of his Church and his local library.

Josi Davis

Office Manager/Technician

Josi was first ushered into the piano business by her father, Bill Davis, RPT, as a “backup plan” for her work as a full-time musician and instructor. It was in 2009 she attended her first PTG Annual convention, where she met the Brooks family, and was encouraged by RPTs Amy and Jim Tiernan to spend some time at Doghouse Pianos, where she was introduced to their rebuilding shop. Josi spent 3 years with the Brooks LTD team as Melanie took ownership. Customer relationships came with ease and her organizational skills were (and are!) a great asset to the Brooks LTD team. Wally’s occasional visit to the shop was always a boon of knowledge and history, and it wasn’t long before Josi was inspired to add shop work to her list of responsibilities.


​After 10 years as a full-time musician and instructor, Josi returned as an integral part of our team – helping to keep the business running smoothly, products in-stock and prioritizing customer relations while continuing to gain knowledge and skills in the shop. Josi has become our go-to for Upright projects, even developing a method for pre-assembling upright hammers and butts for efficient installation. Josi also represents our team as an instructor for upright hammer hanging methods and other skills at PTG Annual, Regional and Chapter events.


​Josi continues actively as a studio musician, songwriter, performer, audiobook narrator and as an instructor of voice, performance, piano, guitar, ukulele and instrument integration. She has released two solo albums, numerous singles and celebrates her contributions to various projects, including the Jazz Warriors and Salt Pond Poets. Hear more at

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